Hickory Golf Clubs for Sale
Hickory Golf Clubs for Sale

Organising a Hickory Golf event? Here's a few things helpful to know...

I'm thinking about holding a hickory golf event...how can you help me? 
I can provide 55 playing sets of hickory golf clubs...50 right handed sets and 5 sets for left handers. All the clubs are genuine antique clubs...NOT reproductions....and they date between 1890 and 1929. They have all been restored for play by me. 
What constitutes a set?
In the hickory era a typical full set consisted of seven clubs.  This is what each player will be provided with. The clubs come in slim leather carry bags...players just need to provide their own balls and tees. 
Driver = Driver :)
Brassie = Fairway wood
Mid-Iron= 5 iron
Mashie = 7 iron
Mashire-Niblick= 9 iron
Niblick= Gap/ Sand Iron
Putter = Putter
You'll be happily surprised that this is all that you need compared to modern sets. 
Do you provide bags?
Yes, each set is provided in a slim leather carry bag.
How much does a bag of clubs weigh? 
The clubs together with the leather bag weighs about 3.5 kg (about 9 lbs)....ocassionaly players choose to decant the clubs into their own bags and use powered trolleys...that's absolutely no problem with me. 
What do participants have to provide?
They need to provide their own tees and balls. A softer ball, such as a ProV1 or a Noodle works best, but participants can use whatever type of ball they wish. 
What about breakages?
Should a club break that is entirely at my risk. Breaks do occasionally happen but the clubs are surprising strong; after all they've lasted 100+ years! During a large event I expect a club might break - it's just something that happens...I just ask the player involved to bring me back the parts ! 
Any injury to other people or damage to property caused by a player is purely at their own risk/ liability. 
Are they difficult to use?
I've done about nearly 100 events since 2004 and I've had the whole range of responses from participants. The simple truth is good golfers can play good with them and bad golfers can play bad with them....but often people will say something like "I slowed my swing down a bit and they went surprisingly well". Other common verbal statements include:
"I loved the woods ... just like my old ones in the 19XX's" (fill in year as appropriate)
"I learnt to play with a set just like these"
"My father/ granny had a set of these"
"I loved the putter ...can I buy it?" ( answer is "yes")
"I think I prefer my Callaways ..bit wider sole"
"Best giggle I've had on the course in years...we were crying with laughter"
"i'm glad I wasn't playing a medal off the whites"
"I'm surprised ... once I got the hang of them they really went well".
"I NEED a set of these".
"He/she (pointing to playing partner) is playing brilliant with them...he/she NEEDS to buy a set of these"
"Ermmm.... I think I'll stick with my modern clubs thank you"
"Couldn't believe it...scored 46 points with these and only 26 yesterday with my clubs"....(yes, this really did happen). 
and so on and so forth!!!!
What format of competition is best? 
Holding a hickory golf event is all about travelling back through time to uniquely experienceing what golf was like all those years ago...and most importantly have lots of fun! To that end I highly recommend Texas scramble type competitions as these allow everyone to enjoy themselves and not worry about shooting theor personal best score. It is completely up to the club/ society, etc what format to play. Sometimes clubs will decide to play a shorter than 18 hole round... 12 holes has proven particulalry popular over the years. 
What else do you recommend?
1. Encourage dressing up and award prizes for it but don't make it compulsory.  Some people feel shy about dressing up ... others don't need any encouragement. (I'm in the second category). Seeing what people turn up in is a major part of the fun! 
2. Hold an Edwardian afternoon tea after the event....great for swapping stories and generating a  bit of income for the club, etc. 
Do you provide vintage style clothes?
No, it would be impossible to cater for all different sizes! People just use their imagination, contact clothes hire places or just raid local charity shops which is always entertaining - a hickory golf event is usually filled with lots of laughter! Having a prize for best dressed lady and gent always encourages people and I can help judge such a competition. 
So how much do you charge? 
It really depends on how far you are away from my home in Warwickshire. My basic day price is £499, and most events I do will work out around that number. However, as you can imagine I travel the length and breadth of the UK (and farther afield) and so sometimes I have to consider some extras to cover extra fuel/ accomodation, etc. Give me a quick call on 07708 661 659  to receive an immediate, no-nonsense, no obligation verbal quote for supporting an event at your venue, which I will back up in writing.   I strive to provide value for all of my customers!
I will happily give a talk on the history of golf and explain about the clubs ... 20 mins for this in a lounge area before play commences works well...though I can expand or contract the time to suit you. For this reason I also recommend shotgun starts. The means everybody receives all the information at the same time, starts at the same time, finishes at the same time, and allows everybody the chance to congregate in the bar or lounge afterwards to witness the prize giving and swap stories of their unique round. 
I also can provide genuine antique clubs as prizes for a small extra fee....having a putting competition, with the prize being an antique putter, works very well. It is very easy to arrange on the day and requires little planning beyond telling people it will happen. Give me a call on 07708 661 659 and I'll explain how it works and how it can be a great way of raising funds for charity, club funds, etc.
Anything else? 
Encouraging people to bring in any old golf clubs, balls, relics, etc ...a sort of Antiques Roadshow ...is also popular...we've had some real gems uncovered over the years!
Ok, what's next?
Simply drop me an email ..  info@timewarpgolf.com....or give me a call on 07708 661 659 (UK mobile). 
I'm committed to making every event I do a storming success!
Gavin Bottrell

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