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"Par3 Hickory Golf Champs" Tournament at Nailcote Hall, Warwickshire

New for 2022!


"Par3 Hickory Golf Champs"



Venue:        Nailcote Hall, Warwickshire, CV7 7DE

(regularly voted the best Par 3 course in the whole of the UK - "like a mini Augusta" ) 

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Date:            Saturday 20th August, 2022, 10am 


Participants: Up to 72 players 


Price:            59 GBP per person (includes food, golf  and hire of antique hickory golf clubs! )



Contact me to BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW !

You will be provided with genuine 100 year old clubs like these....you won't need any woods though. The shortest hole is 95 yards...the longest is 146 yards....but it's a true test of golf !


Helllo! My name is Gavin Bottrell and my company is called Timewarp Golf.


Over the last 18 years I've talked to literally thousands of golfers during my Timewarp Hickory Golf Days ...  and many have said it's the best fun they've had on their own course in years!  They usually then ask me where can they go if they want another go! 


And so, having given up my regular employment in 2021, I'm now organising and promoting hickory golf events that are open to all. The wooden shafted hickory clubs you will be using do feel different to modern clubs and frankly you do lose a little distance. Which is precisly why a Par3 Hickory Golf Tournament is perfect for introducing golfers of all abilities to the pleasures of playing with these antique sticks.


(Warning: You may love it so much as an alternative to the modern power game you might want to own some hickories of your own). 



Here's what you need to know? 


Q. Who can play in this event? 

A. This event is open to any golfer regardless of playing ability. My aim is to introduce hickory golf to those who want to try something a little bit different.  

(However, to be eligible to win a significant prize you will need to hold and prove your World Handicap). The Tournament will be a Stableford Competition. 


Q.  So, there will be prizes then...?  

A.  Yes, but they will be rather modest..so don't get too excited....there could even be a trophy   : )


Q. Do I need to dress up in all that funny vintage gear? 

A. Nope !   Wear whatever you normally wear to play golf....within reason. :)  


Q. But can I dress up vintage style if I want to? 

A. Absolutely yes! There are likely to be a number of people dressed up in vintage gear (including yours truly) so get some long socks and a flat cap and feel free to join in the fun. 


Q. Will hickory golf clubs be available to hire? 

A. Yes, all players will be provided with genuine 100 year old clubs to play with....and yes they really are that old. But they've been fully refurbished for play by yours truly - it's my job !  They come in their own carry bags. Players only need to provide their own balls and tees. If you have your own hickories bring 'em along !  


Q. What happens if I break one of the 100 year old clubs?

A. As long as you break it during normal play ( and not by bending it over your knee in frustration) you will NOT be liable for any accidental damage.


(Please note. Legal Notice. All players are participating at their own risk and should they cause damage or injury to another person or article they, the individual, will be solely responsible for their own actions.) 


Q. So what's the format for the day and what's included?

A. The 72 players will be split into two groups so we can all get round and be fed and watered. You will be asked if you have a group preference upon booking...but your allocation to a particular group cannot be guaranteed but we'll do our best to accomodate you....particularly of course if you are attending with friends. 



Here's what's included in the price 




10:15  Group 1      Tea/Coffee and bacon rolls

11:00 Group 1       Play 1st 9 holes


11:45 Group 2       Tea/Coffee and bacon rolls

12:30 Group 2       Play 1st 9 holes


13:00 Group 1       2 Course Lunch

14:00 Group 1       Play 2nd 9 holes


14:30 Group 2       2 Course Lunch

15:30 Group 2       Play 2nd 9 holes


17:30 (Approx)         Prize Giving :) in Clubhouse. 



Q. Can you tell me more about the clubs that I'll play with?

A. You will be provided with a set of four hickory irons and a putter. The oldest clubs date from about 1900....the youngest from the late 1920s. They are all authentic and fully refurbished for play. They all have wooden shafts - the wood is hickory and comes from the pecan nut tree! Clubs in the hickory era had names , not numbers, but all the clubs are labelled to give you some help. 


There will be:


A Mid-Iron: like a modern 5 iron

A Mashie: like a modern 7 iron

A Mashie-Niblick: like a modern 9 iron

A Niblick: like a modern gap/ 52 deg wedge

A putter. 


The clubs will be similar to those in the picture below, but you won't need any woods, as the holes at Nailcote are between 95 and 146 yards long. But don't be fooled , the holes are a true test of golf - that's why tour players and celebrities love playing there in the British Par 3 Championship each year ( but with modern clubs ). This event will be the first all hickory Par 3 Championship for about 95 years ! 


Q. So I'd like to play in the event.....what do I need to do now?

A. Contact me (Gavin Bottrell) either my 'phone or email and I will advise how to pay your entrance fee (bank transfer or PayPal). 


It's going to be great fun! 


Tel : 07708 661659

Email: info@timewarpgolf.com






Some pics from my Timewarp Hickory Golf Events over the years...

We are located at:

Timewarp Golf

10 Herdwycke Close


Warwickshire , UK

CV47 1GW


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If you have any queries please don't hesitate to contact me directly anytime between 8am and 8pm:


07708661659 07708661659within the UK


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